Everything electrical, from fault finding to new installations.


Building and repair of domestic and commercial properties.


From fridges to aircons and freezer rooms – we install or repair.

About Us

Your professional electrical and construction decision.

Jonker Industries is an extention of Joherda Elektriese Kontrakteurs (Kimberly & Kuruman) that began when Hannes Jonker moved to the Western Cape and realised that many installations are not up to standard with SANS 10142-1. The vision of Jonker Industries is to build a company focused on proper safety standards and customer service, while keeping prices competitive.

Jonker Industries can supply all necessary documents after installation, as the company boasts a highly skilled master electrician.

Jonker Industries works closely with Peet Neethling Construction, handling the electrical, refrigeration and solar side of the building or restoring projects.

  • Customer service

    We believe keeping our customers happy is the key to success.

  • Pricing

    We match a solution to your budget.

  • Professional

    We follow strict industry guidelines to make sure all jobs are safe and certified.


    Civil engineers, architects, certified electricians and plumbers are all qualified and experienced.