Air Conditioners

October 10, 2016

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a process involving removal of heat from an area of a building, which results in removing humidity and cools the air. This helps a great deal in making the environment more comfortable for humans and animals. Air conditioning is also used for cool rooms for electronic devices, food or beverages. Air cons often use a fan to distribute the cooler air to a specific area in a building or car, and come in various sizes. Many air conditions have the option of heating as well.

Air conditioners are quickly installed, with a safety check being conducted before installation is said to be complete. Air conditioner filters must be checked every 6 months, and washed if needed. If your air conditioner does not cool the room like it used to, it is usually due to the filter being so dirty it blocks the cold air making process.

There are various brands and makes of air conditioners available throughout Western Cape. Jonker Industries advises and supplies the aircons too, keeping warrantees in tact.