June 20, 2016


What is an arc fault?

An arc fault is when electricity discharges at a high power between two or more conductors which causes heat, and can possibly trigger an electrical fire. Arc faults can range in strength and duration depending on the power supplying the source.


What causes an arc fault?

Arc faults can be caused by piercing cables, for example, a nail hit into a wall to hang a photo frame.


Can an arc fault be dangerous?

An arc fault can cause an electrical fire which should not be put out with water. One should use a special fire extinguisher which puts out electrical fires.


How do I find an arc fault?

  1. Unplug all electrical appliances -don’t just flip the switch, physically unplug them.
  2. On switchboard, switch mains back on. If it works, one of your appliances are broken e.g. kettle (even a kettle which is not on but simply plugged in can cause a trip!)
  3. Switch each area back on. Plug all appliances back in to see which one causes the trip.


Why should I contact Jonker Industries for an electrician quote in Cape Town?

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What is a COC?

A COC is a certificate of compliance which one needs when building a new house. It is tested to make sure it passes the safety requirements of the Sans 10142-1 code. It is a legal requirement of all South African houses.

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What is solar energy?

Solar energy generates electricity by taking advantage of the sun’s rays. For specifically solar power in Cape Town, one would generate most electricity during summer, and less in winter.


How much will I save by using solar energy?

This depends on how much electricity you use and how energy efficient your appliances are. Solar panels are also a once off installation meaning after the initial investment, you will not be paying for Eskom power except when you need to – for example when using solar energy in Cape Town, you might need a top up of Eskom power during the very rainy and cloudy times in winter.

What can a professional solar installer tell me?

Solar professional installers can take the guess-work out of installing a solar power system. No matter which option you are considering, and how small your budget, a solar pro can help you determine the type and size of system that will work best, and guide you through the process.



What is refrigeration?

Refrigeration is a process whereby heat is moved from one location to another in controlled conditions.


Is refrigeration only to do with fridges?

Refrigeration is far wider than your kitchen fridge. It covers the process of keeping an area below room temperature. The most common forms of refrigeration in Cape Town are aircons, freezer rooms, cold rooms, display fridges, roof water coolers and fridges/freezers.