October 2, 2016

Certificate of Compliance

To get a COC (Certificate Of Compliance), an electrician will need to test your house/apartment to see that it applies with the Sans 10142-1 code for house installations.

If something is wrong with the safety of the electrical installation, a quote is written for the rectification of the fault, and upon acceptance, fault finding begins. Once the fault is fixed you will receive your Coc certificate.

Acquiring a Coc in the Western Cape is very important for every house owner as it gives the peace of mind of knowing that your living area is up to strict safety standards, and, not to mention, the law. One of the main reasons for requiring a Coc is to prevent the risk of an electrical fire.

Jonker Industries is committed to giving fair pricing when it comes to Coc’s. It is a good idea to ask to view the Coc document when looking to rent a place, as they are not only applicable in the buying and selling of housing.

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