Solar Power

October 2, 2016


Solar power can be very useful to take the edge off your everyday electricity use. Solar panels in Western Cape area works especially well in our very warm summer sun. With our wide range of solar power options, we design the system best suited to your pocket and requirements.

We do on- and off -grid solar power solutions. On-grid solar power systems work parallel with Eskom so that when you use too much power for the solar system to provide it will draw the extra current from the grid (Eskom). Off-grid solar power is also known as a battery inverter system. This type of solar power is used when the grid fails and you need to run appliances in your house.

You can also integrate these two systems, which is recommended due to the fact that you still only have one PV, but have the benefit of solar power that cuts your electricity usage. Let Jonker Industries be your first stop for solar power in Western Cape!